McAllister: UUP ‘not competent’ over Belfast rates

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has hit out at the UUP for time wasting, after their proposal was deemed ‘not competent’ and thrown out, as Belfast City Council struck the rate for the coming year.

The North Belfast representative spoke out as the UUP again failed to back up its call for a 0% increase, proving they really are the party of zero – zero rates with zero proposals and zero ambitions.

Councillor McAllister further questioned the DUP’s motives, adding that party ‘took the cowards way out’ by abstaining on the issue.

She said: “What we heard from the UUP in the chamber was a dangerous stunt that could have had a dire impact on Belfast ratepayers.

“It is worrying just how far they were prepared to go to engineer headlines – a move that was only stopped when the proposal was deemed not competent by officers and disallowed by the Lord Mayor.

“And even when Alliance gave them a final opportunity by suggesting a short suspension to allow them to circulate their proposals, Councillor Rodgers then admitted they had nothing down in black and white.

“”They are acting completely irresponsibly, with a complete lack of thought of the misery they could inflict on ratepayers. What leisure centres were they prepared to close? Would they prefer our bins are only collected once a month? Will they be happy to see street bins overflowing?

“The Alliance Party won’t abandon the ratepayers of Belfast and while we remain open to alternative cost-saving measures going forward, we aren’t prepared to gamble with the future of local services.

“While it is disappointing the debate descended into insults and bigotry, Alliance will continue to show civic leadership and push for further efficiencies across the Council to ensure best value for ratepayer’s money.”

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