McAllister refutes ‘completely inaccurate’ UUP claims

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has hit back at “completely inaccurate” claims by the Ulster Unionist Party after it attempted to align the Alliance Party’s voting record with displays of sectarianism at this year’s Féile.

Responding to comments by Councillor Chris McGimpsey – which claimed Unionists were outvoted by Alliance, Sinn Féin and the SDLP when it came to funding the festival – Nuala said the latest desperate attempt by Unionists to link Alliance with Nationalists in City Hall could be proven as a completely inaccurate.

She added: “Despite it not suiting his own political narrative, Councillor McGimpsey has failed to consider that records are kept for a reason – and on this occasion the voting records clearly show the UUP voted exactly as Alliance did when it came to funding for Féile.

“But rather than question the DUP and PUP on why they consistently voted to supply extra funding for the festival, Councillor McGimpsey has chosen to continue his anti-Alliance campaign which on this occasion has exposed his true intention.

“The scenes at the Wolfe Tone concert were out of order, yet rather than use it to score cheap political points Alliance has called for answers to the real questions at the heart of the issue – how are organisers going to do more than pay lip-service to diversity and highlighting yet another negative outcome from the DUP and Sinn Fein’s determination in closed door decisions in agreeing funding carve ups.

“I’d urge Councillor McGimpsey to get his facts in order next time, especially on an issue the UUP has so much in common with Alliance.”

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