McAllister pleased after zoo amendment backed by majority of Councillors

Alliance North Belfast Councillor Nuala McAllister has said she is pleased after the majority of Councillors backed her amendment reaffirming support for Belfast Zoo and its long-term sustainability.

Councillor McAllister was speaking after bringing the amendment to Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee. The amendment, backed by all parties except Sinn Féin, called for the Council to scope future investment for the site and its surrounding area, including the Floral Hall.

“This amendment reaffirms the commitment Belfast City Council has for Belfast Zoo, and how any conversations around its future need to be focused on its sustainability and investment in the area,” she said.

“There will now be a process in which the council seeks this investment and upgrading of the facilities, in liaison with experts in areas such as zoos, animal welfare, tourism and of course residents. We should not be simply looking to downsize or relocate animals, as some have suggested, as experts have outlined how it is a high-risk approach.

“Staff at the zoo are highly valued, with many dedicating their lives to education and conservation. I urge those seeking to close or otherwise reduce the zoo to listen to these people and the great work they do, so they can see for themselves it is not just there for entertainment purposes.

“Belfast Zoo can be a crowning glory for our city and I am pleased we have taken a further step towards its long-term sustainability and full restoration of the iconic site.”