McAllister: DUP games will damage local government

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said the DUP’s policy of nominating and resigning its Ministers could ‘seriously damage’ the development of the new Belfast City Council.

Singling out the Department for Social Development, the Alliance Party’s Deputy Group Leader has questioned the future of the Regeneration Bill, with the Minister failing to take up office on a regular basis.

Councillor Nuala McAllister said: “The DUP cannot expect its on-going political games at Stormont not to have a real effect on local government and our ratepayers.

“Obviously we are particularly concerned about the powers that have yet to transfer to Belfast City Council from DSD and it is important we meet urgently with the DSD Minister – when he decides to take up office – to rectify these problems.

“The Council has already requested a meeting, but who do we meet if the Minister chooses not to be in office on that particular day? We need to move forward in resolving this issue, ensuring we get the answers we need.

“We simply can’t sit back and wait for the DUP to stop playing their silly games – in the end it is local people who suffer.”

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