McAllister disgusted at sectarian attacks in housing development

Alliance North Belfast Councillor Nuala McAllister has said she is “disgusted” after a series of sectarian attacks on homes in a social housing development in the area.

Windows were smashed and a flag hung on the property in Tyndale Gardens in Ballysillan, which follows sectarian graffiti being sprayed on another property last week. It is understood those from a catholic background had been allocated the homes. It comes in the wake of similar attacks on homes nearby last year.

“I am disgusted by these incidents, which are not acceptable in North Belfast or anywhere else in Northern Ireland,” said Councillor McAllister.

“People who carry out sectarian hate crimes of any kind succeed only in bringing shame on themselves, and they represent nobody with their abhorrent views.

“There is no doubt a social housing crisis exists in North Belfast. A large part of that is people living apart because of religion or other reasons. Houses are houses, no matter who lives there and in which area.

“I urge anyone with any information on these incidents to contact police with it immediately, so those behind these incidents can be stopped.”