McAllister disappointed by potential closure of Chestnut Grove

Alliance North Belfast Councillor Nuala McAllister has criticised the potential closure of 11 care homes across the five Health and Social Care Trusts, including Chestnut Grove in her constituency.

Cllr Nuala McAllister said: “It is sad to see that the statutory care homes face possible closure, although this has been on the cards for some time, I had hoped that the Trust would not put further unnecessary distress on the residents of care homes and their families.

“I have worked closely with Chestnut Grove in North Belfast, it plays a vital role in ensuring that there is adequate state provision in care of our elderly.

“My grandfather was a resident of Chestnut Grove before he passed, where he received excellent respite care. The staff at Chestnut Grove provides an excellent service, not only personal and health care provision but they participate in sports and well-being activities that the older residents enjoy.

“The closed door policy of the Trust already ensures that the numbers cannot increase, however, Chestnut Grove provides respite care and I understand there are a high number of residents currently undergoing respite care. This raises more questions about future care of our elderly.

“Closing a residential care home is not an easy process and I would urge the Trust not to do so. Transferring the permanent residents would be detrimental to their health and well-being. After all, these residential care homes have become home to its residents.

“I will be responding to the consultation, urging the Trust not to close the care homes and I would encourage the public to do the same and provide a voice for our elderly neighbours.”


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