McAllister: Alliance has delivered transparency on political donations

The Alliance Party will always support calls for greater openness and transparency, Councillor Nuala McAllister said, adding she was delighted to see Belfast City Council address the issue of political donations.

An issue the Alliance Party has already delivered on, the North Belfast representative said that it was through Naomi Long’s work at Westminster that ‘significant changes’ had already been made on the laws around donations.

Councillor Nuala McAllister added: “Alliance is always happy to support openness and transparency and we are delighted to see a motion on political donations pass Belfast City Council.

“For politics and politicians to have the confidence of the public, we must be open, transparent and accountable at all times – something that other parties, including the UUP, DUP and SDLP, should remember.

“Sadly some parties not only attempt to block Alliance plans for greater transparency, but also don’t like to be reminded of their efforts to keep politics behind closed doors, which was clear from the chamber tonight.

“It is time for all parties to stop clinging to the past and to realise that not only does the public deserve to have access to all Council decisions, but they also deserve to have knowledge of substantial donors of political parties.

“It is time they join Alliance in voluntarily publishing their donations online.”

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