Maze failure is a disgrace – Lunn

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said that the failure so far to maximise the potential of the Maze site is a disgrace and he said that current speculation about stadium sites shows that the Maze was the best option for a shared stadium.

Trevor Lunn MLA: “We are going to get lost in a maze of consultancy reports over potential stadium sites. It’s a pity that the Maze site cannot be revisited.

“Spending money upgrading existing facilities which are already past their sell by date means we won’t have a shared stadium or have the massive economic driver that the Maze stadium would have provided.

“The DUP need to get real and see that the Maze is the best option, even though they have already dismissed it for the wrong reasons. Northern Ireland needs a stadium shared by the GAA, IFA and Ulster Rugby and the Maze was the only option which presented this possibility.

“The people of Northern Ireland have been left waiting for too long for the redevelopment of the Maze and they deserve action now. Every day that this site sits unused it a precious day lost for sport, for the shared future and for all the people of Northern Ireland.”


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