Mayor of Newtownabbey congratulates those involved in evacuation effort after fire broke out

Newtownabbey Mayor Billy Webb has congratulated those involved in the rescue effort after residents had to be evacuated from Woodland House in Newtownabbey at around 1:30am this morning as a fire broke out in one of the flats. The Council’s emergency plan was put into operation. People were moved by bus from to the Valley Leisure Centre. They were bussed back at 3:30am.
Cllr Billy Webb said: “Thankfully nobody was injured or killed but I know many of the older people living there were terribly frightened and upset. I congratulate everyone involved in evacuation the residents and for looking after them at the Valley Lesuire Centre. I am delighted the Council’s Emergency Plan worked and helped in this distressing incident. I will be in contact with Housing Executive to ensure all repairs are speedily completed.
“It is my understanding that the fire may have been caused by an electrical fault. Some doors had to be forced open and workers are out this morning doing repairs.”
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