Martin says World AIDS day 2008 helps raise awareness

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin has praised the organisation of World AIDS Day 2008, which is today, stating that it will help raise awareness about the issue.

The Lisburn representative commented: “More people than ever before are now living with HIV in Northern Ireland, and this figure is growing. While attitudes are slowly changing as efforts to increase public awareness and education on the issue begins to pay off, it is very unfortunate that there continues to be a stigma attached to the subject. Those working in the field should be commended for all the work they have done to combat sickening stereotypes which have absolutely no basis in fact.

“Alliance Youth would appeal to everyone to challenge people’s prejudices against those living with the disease, and to be conscious of their own responsibilities on sexual health issues. It is important to understand that we all have a role to play in ending discrimination and helping to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Wear your red ribbon with pride to say no to prejudice.”


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