Martin comments following power failure in Lisburn

Lisburn South Alliance representative Stephen Martin has commented on the lack of electricity to the Lisburn area today (Monday 11th April 2011)

Stephen Martin stated: “Large areas of Lisburn are currently without electricity due to a fault. I understand from NIE that teams are on the ground at the moment attempting to locate and fix the fault that has caused the disruption. NIE are experiencing a large volume of telephone calls at the present time from residents who are seeking further information as to when they can expect their electricity supply to be restored. I having had a large number of constituents contact me this morning, and NIE have stated that they expect to have electricity back on possibly with interruptions around 3.30pm this afternoon.’

“This has caused significant inconvenience to both residents and employers alike in the city and would ask in particular that all motorists in the Longstone area of Lisburn take care whilst driving and give due consideration to other road users and pedestrians as traffic light systems are currently out of operation.”


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