Martin becomes Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh

Alliance Alderman Stephen Martin has been named the new Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh Borough Council, launching his theme for the year as Connecting the Dots.

With references to Dr Seuss and Mary Poppins, from the start Ald Martin signalled his focus will be on those around us in community and family life with the aim of connecting local people.

He said: ““Whether you are a parent battling for your kids, a carer unable to take some time for yourself, or a young person who sees the world through a different lens, together we can tackle the epidemic of loneliness that existed in every street across every community long before Covid-19 reached these shores.

“I am committed to opening different doors to change what and how we do things to make life a little better for those who for too long have been passed by.

“For that reason I will support two mayoral charities. One is ADD NI, an organisation based in Carryduff which brings out the best in young people with ADHD – a cause very close to my heart and I will be dedicated as much time as possible to raising awareness around neuro-diversity across the City.

“The second charity MACS, who provide services from Longstone Street, here in Lisburn, does fantastic work supporting young people aged six –25 who haven’t had a fair deal and may be experiencing homelessness, mental health and other issues.”