Make it easier for nurses to report elder abuse

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed shock at a report which showed that 60% of nurses polled stated that fear of misinterpretation might stop them making a report of suspected elder abuse. He stated that action must be taken to simplify the process for reporting such incidents. The report which was published today was carried out by Help the Aged and looked into elder abuse in hospitals and care homes.

The Strangford MLA said: “Even though Age Concern did not uncover any evidence that abuse was going unreported, it is disturbing that some staff are concerned about reporting incidents of abuse.

“Every thing that can be done must be done to prevent elder abuse. We need to make it easier for staff to report incidents, so that they are not dissuaded from doing so. This will ensure that care workers who do not treat older people with the respect and courtesy they deserve can be exposed and cannot work in that area.

“Many of those facing abuse are never heard and they need assistance to bring such disturbing matters to light. Older people must not suffer in silence


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