Make free personal care your first preference: Dunlop

The Alliance candidate for North Antrim has called on voters to make free personal care for the elderly their first preference on 5 May.

Jayne Dunlop, who is also hoping to recapture a Council seat in Ballymena North, outlined her party’s commitment to the elderly, stating: “Nearly everyone knows an elderly person in need of care. That is why we joined our colleagues in the Liberal Democrats some years ago campaigning for free personal care across the UK.

“There is an increasing number of elderly people who struggle with the basics of every day life. By providing free personal care services we would be helping them to afford the assistance they need to maintain a degree of independence. Not only the elderly would benefit but also those suffering dementia and their carers who would benefit greatly from having some of the burden of care removed without the financial burden that they experience at the moment.

“Yet Alliance was the only party to vote for the provision of free personal care for the elderly when the Assembly was in operation and it retains its commitment on this issue. Unfortunately all the other parties do not have the vision or compassion to support this much needed financial assistance for those who need it.”


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