Lyttle welcomes work by Employment Minister on strategic framework to tackle economic inactivity

Alliance Employment and Learning spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has welcomed the work by the Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry on the Executive’s ten year strategic framework to tackle economic inactivity. It aims to support 30,000 more people to move into employment. Minister Farry has jointly launched the strategy with the Enterprise Minister.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “The Employment and Learning Minister is giving the issue of economic inactivity the priority it deserves.

“There has recently been a few encouraging signs for our economy, with several major jobs announcements. However, high levels of economic inactivity will act as a barrier to further economic growth.

“This strategic framework has placed an importance on skills, training incentives and support networks to encourage the economically inactive into employment.

“I would also welcome the joined up approach that Minister Farry has taken by working with other Executive Departments and agencies. These issues cannot be solved by Ministers working in isolation.”


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