Lyttle welcomes restoration of Teenage Dreams mural in East Belfast

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has welcomed the restoration of Teenage Dreams wall art at Bridge End, East Belfast saying it is part of a project to communicate hope, provide opportunity for youth and celebrate musical heritage in our community.

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle attended the official unveiling along with Belfast Councillor David Armitage on Saturday

“It has taken some time and effort but Teenage Dreams are being restored in East Belfast.

“The mural is part of a community art and music project supported by the Department for Social Development, Belfast City Council, Start Together Studios, East Belfast Partnership, youth workers and artists.

“It has involved young people from across the interface in East Belfast working together with artists on two wall art projects and a musical production, all of which will be officially launched later this month.

“It was clear further to its removal that the’Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat’ message had caught the imagination of many people and was regarded as a positive expression of youthful hope and a celebration of musical heritage.

“I therefore made contact with the Department for Social Development to seek support for a project that would help restore as much of the original expression as possible and help people to work together on regeneration in the area.

“I appreciate that for many people, much of the value of the original mural was in its unplanned nature but I hope everyone will see this as a project to make a lasting contribution to hope and creativity in our community.”


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