Lyttle welcomes new investigatory powers for public services ombudsman

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has welcomed new powers for the public services ombudsman, meaning they can investigate complaints against schools here.

People will now be able to complain if they feel a school has treated them unfairly. East Belfast MLA Mr Lyttle said the move would make a more accountable system.

“The Department of Education, Education Authority and schools should improve their systems to ensure pupils and parents’ complaints are dealt with in a timely and proactive manner before they have to take action by going to the ombudsman to open a case.

“However, it will be of particular help for pupils with special education needs and their parents who have not had their complaint properly managed by schools.

“This is a positive step, as it sends a clear message pupils and parents’ complaints must be dealt with in a timely and fair manner.”

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