Lyttle welcomes Early Years announcement

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has welcomed news that a key educational programme has received financial backing for the next year.

The Early Years project received news today (Friday) from the Department of Education that it will now receive funding until the end of March 2016. East Belfast MLA Mr Lyttle has previously called on the Education Minister to reconsider his previous decision to cut the programme’s capital.

The organisation works with children and parents, childcare providers and employers to support vital early years information, training and provision. The Minister previously announced £2 million of cuts would be taken against Early Years, leading to the loss of nearly 200 jobs and 2,500 early childhood places.

“I understand there are serious ongoing issues with public finances, but I welcome this move by the Minister to extend this Early Years funding,” said Mr Lyttle.

“The Early Years programme provides vital services for children and families at vital stages of their development and we must do all we can, despite the failure of others to address financial impasses in Northern Ireland, to protect this provision.”

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