Lyttle welcomes Alliance Minister’s commitment to apprenticeships

Alliance DEL spokesperson Chris Lyttle has applauded his colleague, Minister Stephen Farry, after the DEL Minister announced a blueprint outlining the biggest change to the apprenticeship system for over 20 years.

Welcoming the 32 new proposals and the official launch of a 12 week consultation, Mr Lyttle added the announcement proved Alliance was delivering real change within the Executive and was firmly focused on the economy and social mobility.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I welcome these fresh proposals from an Alliance Minister working to deliver real change at the heart of government in Northern Ireland.

“These 32 detailed proposals have the potential to completely reform and improve the current apprenticeships scheme. I commend my colleague Minister Stephen Farry for investing in the future of trainers, employers and learners across Northern Ireland, proving Alliance is committed to enhancing the future landscape.

“Apprenticeships are often seen as the lesser path by those focused on seeking University places. However these proposals seek to make sure apprenticeships are viewed as a gold standard within the education system – a proposal aided by increasing the availability of apprenticeships across all levels of education, including PHD level.

“Our economy is still facing constant challenges and this review demonstrates clearly that Alliance is committed to creating skilled apprentices from all areas and backgrounds who will have the necessary qualifications to sustain our future economy.

“I look forward to working within the DEL committee to advance these proposals towards reality.”

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