Lyttle welcomes Alliance Employment Minister shared parental leave legislation

Alliance Employment and Learning spokesperson, Chris Lyttle MLA, has praised the Employment and Learning Minister, Stephen Farry, for the work he is doing to deliver a better work-life balance through the Work and Families Bill. The legislation had its second stage in the Assembly. It will include proposals for shared parental leave.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I believe this is a good example of a local Minister taking heed of UK Government proposals, but consulting with the public and employers of Northern Ireland in order to deliver devolved policies in the best interests of working families and economic development in Northern Ireland.

“Achieving a good work-life balance for families should be a key target. It can deliver better levels of health and wellbeing, and educational attainment but also improve the flexibility and effectiveness of our work force.

“It aims to strike an appropriate balance between enhancing flexible access for working parents to leave and pay, and certainty for employers in a globally competitive economy.”


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