Lyttle – We must remember those who died in WW1

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has encouraged people to remember those who fought and died in World War One.

Chris will be attending a service in St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast to commemorate the start of World War One.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It is important that we remember all those who fought in World War One and commemorate those who lost their lives or who returned home wounded.

“People from all backgrounds across these islands took part in the conflict and it is important that respectful commemorations take place. In particular, I welcome the continued growth in interest in commemorations in Dublin, with President Higgins recently unveiling the first Cross of Sacrifice in the Republic of Ireland.

“I would encourage young people to learn about what happened in World War One. There are now fewer and fewer people from that time who are still alive and it is vital that we do not forget what took place during that period.

“There are a number of events that will be taking place over the coming months and I hope as many people as possible will take part in these commemorations.”


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