Lyttle says Sinn Féin need to get serious on cost of segregation

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle said Sinn Féin need to realise the pressure our public finances are under and make a strong commitment to tackling the cost of division. He said that by tackling segregation we can help protect vital frontline services from cuts. His comments come following the debate on good relations in the Assembly yesterday where Sinn Fein MLA Martina Anderson said ‘equality is necessary; good relations are desirable’.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “Sinn Féin need to get real and realise that we need to tackle the cost of division urgently. They pay lip service to good relations but they need to deliver action to ensure we can unlock the cost of maintaining a divided society.

“For example yesterday in the debate, Martina Anderson MLA said ‘equality is necessary; good relations are desirable’. That reflects the lack of drive on the part of Sinn Féin to tackle the massive waste of cash that segregation is.

“No-one has anything to fear from a shared and integrated society. Everyone stands to benefit from a more united community.

“It’s no good Sinn Féin simply saying no to cuts and being intransigent about our public finances. They need to examine radical ways of making public services more efficient so that we can ensure money is available to safeguard vital frontline services. The best way to do this is to deliver more sharing and integration and to end segregation in our society.”


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