Lyttle says free sanitary products should be available in all schools

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said free sanitary products should be available in all schools.

Mr Lyttle – Chair of the Assembly Education Committee – said it was unacceptable young girls could have their education interrupted by a lack of access to period products.

“A number of organisations and schools have shown leadership on sanitary product provision for girls but it is long past time for the Education Minister to introduce free provision for all,” he said.

“I have written to the Education Minister on behalf of the Education Committee in support of the long-standing campaign by many organisations for free sanitary products in schools in Northern Ireland.

“I’m urging the Minister to not only listen to the committee, but to listen to the campaigners who have worked so hard to bring this issue to the fore. By removing this barrier many girls and young women face in pursuit of education, we would be signalling we are listening to our young people and issues that matter to them.”