Lyttle says Environment Minister has missed opportunity for snare ban

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said the Environment Minister has missed an opportunity to implement a full ban on the use of snares.

East Belfast MLA Mr Lyttle, who is the Vice-Chair of the Assembly’s All-Party Group on Animal Welfare, was speaking during questions to Environment Minister Mark H Durkan in the chamber today (Tuesday).

In November, the Minister announced he would not be bringing forward the Snares Order, which would have amended current legislation on snares. However, it fell short of a total ban, which Mr Lyttle said has overwhelming public support.

“Last year, Belfast City Council backed an Alliance motion calling for the selling of snares for capturing or killing animals to be made illegal. This is in addition to around three-quarters of people in Northern Ireland backing a ban. That sends out a clear message that urgent action is needed to tackle animal cruelty.

“The Minister had a perfect opportunity today to acknowledge that support and announce he would follow through on a ban.

“Alliance remains committed to this issue and it is one we will continue to work on until such horrifying cruelty is completely eliminated. A total ban on snares is the only humane option available in this matter and I hope the Minister realises that soon.”

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