Lyttle says Community Relations week must be used to highlight what is needed in new shared future strategy

Alliance OFMDFM spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has welcomed the launch event of the Community Relations week which took place in Stormont today. He said this year’s Community Relations week should highlight areas of a shared future that OFMDFM must look to tackle in their strategy that will be launched next week. The week of events that is organised by the Community Relations Council will begin on Monday 20th May.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “I hope that this year’s Community Relations week will be as successful as previous years. It is a great opportunity to highlight the valuable work that is going on throughout Northern Ireland on improving community relations.

“I would encourage all those who are involved in events next week to use this opportunity to highlight areas of a shared future that OFMDFM must include in their new shared future strategy. The proposals that were announced last week fell well short of what is needed to deliver a genuine shared future.

“We must show to the First and deputy First Minister that they must set challenging targets in areas for integrated education and for creating shared spaces and shared communities. They must also include measures on flags, parades and the past rather than them being ignored in the strategy and being kicked into the long grass by asking this proposed working group to look at them.”


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