Lyttle – Racist attacks have no place in our society

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle and local Castlereagh Councillor Vashundra Kamble have condemned those responsible for a racist attack in the Brooklands estate in East Belfast and have stated that racist attacks have no place in our society. Bricks were thrown through the window of a Nigerian family’s house, injuring an 8 year old daughter.

East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle said: “Racist attacks have no place in our society. I am disgusted by such mindless racist views.

“This family are making a positive working contribution to our society and their children are part of local sports & community clubs.

“I have met the family and expressed the shared outrage of the good people in this local community & church representatives that hey have been targeted with such an horrific attack.

“We are regrettably now helping the family to find suitable alternative accommodation.”

Cllr Vashundra Kamble said: “I had hoped that we had moved beyond these kind of attacks.

“A young girl was injured in this attack but we could have been talking about a more serious atack.

“I would call on the local commnity to show support for this family by ensuring that anybody with any information about this attack is passed onto the police.”


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