Lyttle hosts event on victims’ perspectives on dealing with the past

Alliance OFMDFM spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has hosted an event at Stormont on behalf of Amnesty International which heard from victims on their report on the past, ‘Time to Deal with the Past – Victims’ Perspectives’. The report has looked to put victims’ voices to the forefront of the work to agree a process on dealing with the past.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “This report is unique because it brings victims to the forefront of the work to agree a process on dealing with the past. For too long victims have taken a backseat and it is the wishes of Amnesty, shared by the Alliance Party, to make these voices heard.

“The Haass talks are a much-needed opportunity for an independent facilitator to bring the executive parties, each with our own concerns, to the table to talk. While the emphasis of media interest has been in response to the violent protests and the increasingly heated rhetoric around symbols, flags and parades, we have observed with some sadness the corrosive effect on individual bereaved families and society as a whole, of failing to address the past in a systematic manner.

“Dealing with our past and its legacy is a complicated and multifaceted issue. Deep individual and collective hurt remains within our society. Competing demands for truth, justice and accountability remain unaddressed. We have neglected to deal with the past and it is now time to do so.

“Some people believe that focusing on the past is counterproductive, that it keeps wounds open, and that society must move on. Alliance believes that addressing the past and its legacy in a comprehensive and holistic manner is fundamental to the process of reconciliation and building a shared future.”


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