Lyttle hosts celebration event for parental support in education charity

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has hosted a celebration event for a charity supporting parental participation in education.

Parentkind, the new name for PTA UK, looks to champion the role of parents in education and school life to education interest groups and policy makers. The Alliance Education spokesperson said it played an important part in putting parents at the heart of children’s education.

“Parentkind are providing an important voice for parents and home educators, teaching them various skills and developing capabilities they can then use for their young people,” said Mr Lyttle.

“We need to increase the ability of schools, parents, the community and businesses to work together if we are to deliver high quality education for all those who use the education system.

“I was honoured to host today’s event and know Parentkind will be a champion of the many ways parents can get involved in their child’s education, ensuring every child thrives and achieves their full potential. I look forward to working with them to achieve that aim.”

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