Lyttle hopes good news will deliver results for PMS savers

East Belfast Alliance Representative Chris Lyttle has welcomed news that a £225m rescue package for the Presbyterian Mutual Society, agreed by the Assembly, will be available to the administrators of the PMS within a week. He said he hopes that this will mean many savers will see their savings again by June.

Chris Lyttle said: “I strongly welcome this news that the £225m package will be available to the administrators within a week. I sincerely hope that this expedites savings being returned to many of those who lodged money with the PMS.

“Savers have had to wait so long and I hope that this is the progress needed give many people access to their money. This has been a very sad episode for all those affected.

“It now appears that members who had savings of less than £20,000 could be reimbursed by June. I do, however, feel for those who invested larger sums in the PMS and I call on all politicians to continue campaigning to try and ensure that everyone who had savings there receives all of their money back.”


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