Lyttle helps present G8 Youth Summit Communiqué to Assembly Speaker

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has helped present a Communiqué from the G8 Youth Summit to the Speaker of the Assembly, William Hay MLA.

The G8 Youth summit organised by The Fermanagh Trust was attended by 100 young people from Fermanagh, across Northern Ireland and the border counties. The communiqué has brought forward four key themes: healthcare, equality, poverty, peace.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It was inspirational to see young people wishing to take a lead on global issues.

“These young people are the leaders of tomorrow, they are our future. They have shown that they have a role to play and that we shouldn’t just leave it up to global leaders like President Obama or Prime Minister David Cameron.

“They choose four key areas to look at – healthcare, equality, poverty and peace. They wanted to look beyond the current economic crisis, and acknowledge our world of inequality, starvation, unnecessary death, and injustice.

“We should be looking to reduce world hunger, improve access to health care, make conflict the last possible option and look to highlight our common ground instead of just our differences.

“It was refreshing to read the results of the youth summit in their communiqué. I hope that the G8 leaders take heed of what these young people are saying and commit to build a better world. The Speaker and all Assembly Members have received a copy of the communiqué; I hope they will consider how this Assembly can take action to make progress on each of the key concerns of our young people.”


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