Lyttle expresses concern at Entitlement Framework cut

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has expressed concern at the Department of Education decision to cut money aimed at enabling schools to work in partnership to offer more subjects to pupils.

Speaking after the announcement was made on Monday, Chris Lyttle said the Entitlement Framework was about enabling schools to be more efficient, with this move only serving as a retreat to the trenches.

Chris Lyttle MLA added: “The Entitlement Framework enables schools to collaborate to provide a greater range of subjects to pupils. This approach requires Ministerial and Education Authority support to help schools to work in partnership to deliver for all pupils.

“The Entitlement Framework is designed to deliver greater access to relevant subjects and efficiency within a limited budget and I am very concerned by the decision to reduce resources for this approach – another clear signal Northern Ireland is suffering without a functioning executive.

“This move will not only impact on schools across Northern Ireland, but could limit the ability of our young people to gain the skills needed for employment in a modern knowledge based economy.

“It vital therefore that the political uncertainty and absence of Ministerial leadership that is contributing to these decisions in Northern Ireland is brought to an end.”

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