Lyttle encourages parents to complete childcare survey

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle is encouraging parents in Northern Ireland to take part in a childcare survey, led by Employers For Childcare.

Parents across Northern Ireland are encouraged to fill in the survey, which will assess whether parents look after their children themselves, pay for childcare or get help from family and friends.

Chris Lyttle, MLA for East Belfast, said: “I would encourage as many parents as possible to get involved with this year’s Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey.

“Employers For Childcare is a dedicated charitable group encouraging employers to implement family friendly policies in the workplace, so if you are a working parent it is beneficial to make your views heard.

“Childcare is an important concern in many homes across Northern Ireland and can often act as a barrier for parents returning to employment. Alliance believes a complete review of childcare provision on a UK-basis must take place to ensure the correct support mechanisms are in place, allowing parents to effectively enjoy rewarding work and home life.

“While the Executive has committed to a Childcare Strategy, it is yet to announce formal plans to move forward. Alliance will continue to pursue this issue, as sufficient childcare provisions are essential to allow working parents the chance to progress their careers, without disadvantaging their family lives.


Complete the survey online at

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