Lyttle condemns bonfire burnings of all national and cultural symbols

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has condemned the burning of all flags, electoral posters and sectarian signage on bonfires.

The East Belfast MLA is calling for a robust Executive Shared Future strategy to be put in place to ensure no one in Northern Ireland suffers from ethnic, cultural or sectarian intimidation.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “There can be no place for this type of behaviour in a shared society. We need to see a united response from all political and community representatives, the PSNI and local government to ensure racist or sectarian acts are not tolerated and that cultural expression is positive and inclusive.

“These acts serve only to undermine excellent community development and good relations work and are not representative of the majority of people in Northern Ireland, who want to live in a safe and shared society.

“I am working on individual cases with the relevant authorities and groups and will continue to press for an Executive strategy that will require all government departments to build a shared future for all.”

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