Lyttle concerned at report findings on former military bases

Alliance Spokesperson on matters relating to OFMdFM Committee, Chris Lyttle MLA, has said he is deeply concerned at the findings of an Audit Office report on former military barracks gifted by the Ministry of Defence to OFMdFM.
East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle said: “I am deeply concerned with the handling of matters regarding the former military bases which were gifted to OFMdFM.
“The gifting of military land provides unique economic opportunities for the Office of the First & deputy First Minister and I am deeply troubled at the findings of the Audit Office report.
“There are outstanding questions which must be answered on decisions taken on sites, not least a decision to overrule advice from a senior civil servant as regards the sale of a particular site, and this is increasingly becoming an issue of serious public concern.
“I am also concerned about findings regarding the regeneration of the sites. We need to get the most out of this gifted land and there can be no excuses at such a challenging financial time.”
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