Lyttle calls for urgent investigation into bus lane cameras error

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has called on the Roads Minister to investigate urgently after it was discovered hundreds of penalty notices had been cancelled due to an error with bus lane cameras in Belfast.

NSL, the organisation which operates the recently installed cameras, announced today (Tuesday) over 700 penalty notices had been issued in error between 22 June and 21 July due to an issue with time settings on the cameras.

East Belfast MLA Mr Lyttle said the incorrect fines would have brought anxiety to those wrongly penalised.

“These cameras are an important method of promoting sustainable travel and easing congestion on some of the busiest routes in and out of the greater Belfast area, so to find out they were recording the wrong data for a month is disappointing to say the least. Many of those motorists fined will have already paid the penalties issued to them, therefore it is essential they are refunded as quickly as possible.

“The Minister needs to step in and ensure this matter resolved as a matter of urgency, the equipment is checked to be up to standard and the mistakes that led to this situation are not repeated.”

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