Lyttle calls for Executive action on tackling educational underachievement

Alliance MLA for East Belfast Chris Lyttle has called for an Executive led approach to tackling educational underachievement in Northern Ireland, following today’s Assembly debate on disparities in obtaining university places here.

Mr Lyttle stated “I believe today’s debate showed clear agreement amongst all parties on the need to work together to remove existing barriers people face in getting to university. We need swift action such as OFMDFM delivery of a Child Poverty Action Plan, the Early Years strategy from the Department of Education using initiatives such as Sure Start and Home Start, and an urgent solution to the current transfer chaos, through adopting a common middle-school curriculum to age 14, at which stage informed transfer could occur between with a mix of vocational and academic pathways available to suit the talent and potential of the young person.

“Also, the Department of Employment & Learning should continue its efforts to ensure third level education is open to all, based on ability to benefit rather than ability to pay. A combined effort from the Executive would certainly improve opportunities for those currently facing educational disadvantage.”


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