Lyttle backs compensation scheme for abuse survivors

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has backed awarding compensation for victims and survivors of institutional child abuse, as a major report into such a scheme was launched.

The report, entitled Compensation for Historic Abuses in Residential Institutions, will be unveiled today (Monday) at Parliament Buildings by victims and survivors of such homes.

It sets out an out-of-court redress scheme as an alternative to civil court proceedings, recommending two categories of compensation for survivors.

“The report draws on a wide number of interviews with survivors and their views on compensation,” said Mr Lyttle.

“They are the most important part of this whole process. But the idea of compensation has also been recommended by the Chair of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, showing it should be a priority move by the incoming Executive.

“The victims and survivors deserve help in gaining such compensation, as well as counselling, accessing family members and a full apology for the sexual, physical and emotional abuse they suffered.

“By doing so, we can help them get the justice they deserve and which has been missing for so long.”

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