Lyttle: Action needed as East Belfast violence continues

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has condemned on-going violence in East Belfast, adding action is needed to restore calm to the area.

The MLA for East Belfast was speaking yet another night if violence which saw a car burnt out on Castlereagh Street and police officers attacked by petrol and paint bombs.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “There is now an urgent need for calm in the area. This on-going violence cannot continue, with the self-destructive behaviour only serving to damage business and endanger the lives of people across East Belfast.

“What is ODMdFM doing to improve community relations in East Belfast? It is hard to imagine the targets set in Together: Building a United Community strategy for the 2023 removal of interface barriers will be met, especially as limited resources or actions are being directed towards making this aim a reality.

“I know of a number of businesses that have relocated as a direct result of these violent outbreaks and yet invites to meet with the First and deputy First Minister – some dating back over a year – have been ignored. We cannot allow the lawlessness of a few jeopardise the livelihood of an entire community.”

“As usual other political parties can talk the talk when it comes to building a shared future, yet only Alliance has the policies in place to make it happen. There should be no hesitation when it comes to creating safer, shared future for everyone – or we run the risk of witnessing generation after generation continuing to engage in disruptive behaviour.”

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