Lyttle accuses Education Minister of flawed approach to education after academic selection remarks

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle has accused the Education Minister of a “flawed and exclusionary” approach to education after he stated academic selection was “here to stay”.

Mr Lyttle was speaking after Peter Weir announced he would be seeking to establish a single post-primary transfer test. It is understood the Minister wishes to have it in place by November 2017.

The East Belfast MLA said it was unacceptable the announcement was formally given via the media.

“It is unacceptable the Minister made no statement to the Assembly or gave no formal notice to the Education Committee on what is an issue of serious significance. It is a further example of an ideological rejection of mounting evidence linking educational disadvantage and academic selection.

“I am glad the Education Committee will conduct a more open and inclusive inquiry into post-primary transfer, to which anyone in our community will be able to respond. I hope it will make recommendations for a system which allows all our children to achieve their full potential.”

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