Lunn welcomes new school builds

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has welcomed the announcement by the Education Minister of £220 million of investment in 22 new school building projects.

The Minster said it was unacceptable that children were receiving their entire primary education in temporary accommodation. Trevor said he hoped that the Minister would apply the same criteria to Drumlins Integrated in Ballynahinchand Rowandale Integrated in Moira which were not included in this list.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I welcome this investment which will go a long way to improve the education of children at schools with inadequate facilities. The Minster has acknowledged that in a modern looking forward society we should not accept a situation where children receive their entire primary education in outdated temporary accommodation.

“I welcome this confirmation as will the Governors of other schools such as Drumlins Integrated in Ballynahinch and Rowandale Integrated in Moira to name but two. I hope that the Minister will apply this criteria in the future as they are also in urgent need of a new build.

“I look forward to detailed area planning proposals coming forward which will largely dictate decisions in the medium to long term.”


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