Lunn unveils radical plan to tackle fuel poverty

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said that a fund should be set up to allocate money from those who are given a winter fuel payment, but do not need it, to older people who are in real need. He said that people who do not need the payment should donate to a fund established and administered by an older people’s rights group like Age Concern or Help the Aged.

The Lagan Valley MLA stated: “There are many people out there who are entitled to the winter fuel payment but do not even bother to collect it because they do not need it. This cash is simply going back into the treasury’s coffers, when it could go towards helping older people who cannot foot their ever-increasing energy bills.

“I would like to see a fund, administered by and older people’s pressure group, set up to allocate the donated payments to the older people who are in most need.

“There are many people who are over 60, like myself who work but would be prepared to sacrifice the payment. There are many who cannot work or who are on low incomes who need more support to survive.

“Every winter claims the lives of many pensioners in Northern Ireland and I want to take a radical approach to tackling this tragic issue.”


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