Lunn slams plans to close Lagan Valley hospital maternity unit

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has blasted plans to close the maternity unit of Lagan Valley Hospital in the next 18 months. He said he will strongly oppose the closure of this essential service and plans to bring the issue to the floor of the Assembly.

Trevor Lunn stated: “I am appalled at these plans. Lagan Valley Hospital maternity unit provides a vital service to the wider community.

“The Executive should be looking to improve hospital services instead of downgrading them.

“The public’s confidence in the Executive’s ability to deliver good health services is crumbling by the day.

“To put this disgraceful move into context, people need to know that there are more births every year in Lagan Valley Hospital than in the Mater or Downpatrick Hospital.

“I will not allow the people of Lagan Valley to be treated like second class citizens. I want to stop this move because if the Executive thinks it can get away with this, they will try to downgrade the hospital even further.

“I intend to bring this matter to the Assembly to try and safeguard the future of this maternity unit.”


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