Lunn shocked by Government decision on Ballymurphy review

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA, Trevor Lunn, has expressed his disappointment at the decision of the Secretary of State to reject a call for an independent review into the deaths of 10 people who were killed in Ballymurphy in August 1971.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I am shocked that the Secretary of State has decided against establishing an independent review of the Ballymurphy deaths. Equally shocking was the manner in which this information was relayed to the families by calling them together which raised their hopes and expectations, only to see them dashed.

“I have been involved with the Ballymurphy campaign for several years and truly believe that an independent review is needed to provide closure for the relatives. The Secretary of State appears to think that an independent review is not in the public interest, which frankly after 43 years is incomprehensible to any fair minded person.

“While the Secretary of State has disappointed many people by this decision, I would like to pay tribute to the dignified campaign of the Ballymurphy families. I hope that Theresa Villiers will reconsider her decision and allow the families the ability to find the answers they are seeking.”


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