Lunn says work needs to continue to remove all interface barriers

Alliance Justice spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said work needs to continue to bring down more interface barriers.

Mr Lunn was speaking after the removal of the final piece of a so-called ‘peace wall’ on the Crumlin Road at Ardoyne in North Belfast, to be replaced with railings and landscaped greenery. The work, which began in February, came on the back of work from several agencies, including the Department of Justice.

“I want to pay tribute to all those who have worked hard to achieve the removal of one of the many barriers dividing Belfast, including David Ford MLA, who helped facilitate this in his previous role as Justice Minister.

“It is understandable many people living close to these structures still feel fear but it is also well documented the damage they cause to the health of residents and economic wellbeing of the area. Local residents will see there is nothing to feel apprehensive about.

“Creating a shared future for everyone is one of the greatest challenges facing our society. I am pleased we are tackling the problem head-on and building a Belfast in which people can live, learn, work and play together.

“But to do that fully and continue to bring down more so-called ‘peace walls’, we need to create the conditions were people can see the benefits of living, working, learning and playing together.”

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