Lunn says people want solutions from politicians, not more problems

Lagan Valley Alliance candidate Trevor Lunn has said people want solutions from politicians and said that the public must vote for the candidate that will address their real concerns instead of focusing on tired tribal arguments.

Trevor Lunn said: “This election has to be fought on the real issues affecting people’s everyday lives instead of tribal bickering.

“Our economy is suffering. People are losing their jobs around Northern Ireland, yet the four of the five main parties still make the constitutional issue their main priority. The only party that is genuinely focused on job creation and protecting our public services is Alliance.

“We need to encourage local entrepreneurship and we need to sell Northern Ireland better to the rest of the world in order create new jobs. To attract inward investment we need politicians providing leadership and working together instead of forming pacts against one side or the other. You only have to look at the Maze site to see the inability of the tribal parties to make progress and maximise our potential.

“People want solutions from politicians, not politicians creating problems through tribal timewasting.

“Alliance is the party of a shared future. That means working for everyone, it also means working to improve community relations and working to save the cash wasted on maintaining division in our society. Ending division is the best was to free-up public money so that it can be used to improve our vital services.”


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