Lunn says more needs to be done to support LGBT pupils

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said more needs to be done to support LGBT pupils, after it was revealed two-thirds here do not feel welcomed or valued in their post-primary schools.

The research by the Department of Education looked at issues facing LGBT pupils in schools. It also showed almost half had experienced bullying as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Mr Lunn previously sought to amendment the Assembly’s Addressing Bullying in Schools Bill in 2015 in order to include homophobic and racial harassment.

“This research clearly shows the support is not there in many instances for young LGBT people in the school environment,” he said.

“Alliance previously sought to submit amendments to the Assembly’s anti-bullying Bill to ensure it covered homophobic bullying, so we are well aware of the serious and ongoing problem unfortunately experienced by many and for various reasons.

“We need a functioning Executive and Education Minister in position as soon as possible to put into place measures to ensure this discrimination becomes illegal and is brought to an end. If we are to have a truly united community, then we must value every member of it, no matter their gender or sexuality.”

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