Lunn says independent selection tests will cause massive problems

Alliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has slammed the proposed independent 11-plus tests stating they will increase social exclusion and heap even more pressure on young people. A fortnight ago, more than 30 local grammar schools under the umbrella of the Association for Quality Education stated they would hold selection tests in maths and English across Northern Ireland.

Trevor Lunn said: “These independent tests will create a significant number of problems. Not only can primary schools not be expected to train pupils for the test, they have a legal obligation to teach the primary school curriculum only.

“If children are going to be coached and trained to pass a one-off selection test, it’s going to have to be done outside of school hours. This will mean that parents wanting their children to sit the test will ultimately feel compelled to pay for private tuition for them.

“Having independent selection tests will also result in further pressure being heaped onto local children and inevitably the exclusion of those who cannot afford the fees for out-of-school tuition. A sensible approach must be taken – one which is fair and does not disadvantage anyone.”


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