Lunn says Green New Deal is vital to grow economy

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has emphasised the importance of creating a Green New Deal strategy for Northern Ireland to help grow our economy and boost the construction sector.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I believe that a Green New Deal represents one of the best ways to grow our economy and also boost our construction sector.

“The construction industry has suffered so much in recent times and a Green New Deal could include the creation of a large scale home insulation scheme. This would not only help protect the environment, but could also lower people’s household heating bills and provide insulation work for the construction industry.

“The green economy presents us with many opportunities and we must examine further investment in research and development in sustainable technology. We must also make the most of our natural resources and we have much potential as regards wind and tidal power.

“We need to take creative and radical approaches to boost our economy and a Green New Deal is central to this.”


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