Lunn says Executive is in crisis following Robinson – Ruane 11 plus row

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has stated that the Executive is in disarray following a row between Peter Robinson and Caítriona regarding academic selection.

The Lagan Valley MLA stated: “The Executive is in turmoil on this issue. Where is the joined-up government on this issue? We don’t want a power carve-up, because all it will do is damage our education system.

“Parents, pupils and teachers have been kept out of the loop on this important decision, and disgracefully, confusion reigns.

“With this row, the Executive are getting ahead of themselves. After all, Caítriona Ruane still has not revealed detailed plans, so all these arguments merely show how totally disorganised and clueless the Executive is. This is a problem of their own making.

“The finance minister’s invervention is totally unhelpful at this stage. Instead of having a ridiculous public row, they should have discussed this issue sensibly in private.”


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