Lunn says Executive failure not to meet is damaging our education system

Alliance education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has stated that the fact the Stormont Executive will not meet until mid-September will be very damaging to our education system because confusion still reigns regarding plans to scrap the 11-plus.

Trevor Lunn said: “The fact that the Executive has not met since 19 June has been detrimental to education in Northern Ireland. The Executive will not now meet until mid-September and this situation is totally unacceptable.

“With every day that passes without any concrete decision made on the 11 plus, our education system is thrown into more turmoil. What was a drama has now been turned into a crisis. Confusion still reigns over the 11-plus and this confusion is growing by the day. We are moving rapidly towards another school year and still the Executive is in disarray.

“It is our local children that suffer because of the inability of the Executive to sit down together and get some work done on plans on the 11-plus. There are also a number of other important issues that need the Executive’s urgent attention. Its time that those involved grew up and did the job that they were elected to. Executive parties throwing their toys out of the pram will mean that local school children suffer because of this second-rate government.”


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